About Me

Hi there, I’m Brant Sven.

I’m just a regular guy who enjoys all sorts of tech (that’s right, I’m a geek), different kinds of sports, watching TV, good food, spending quality time with my family etc.

I absolutely love running, playing soccer and I’m also learning to kite surf although I’m not quite there yet. My dad is an engineer and I fell in love with science and technology when I was a little kid. Basically I love everything that has anything to do with any of the two. I’m a big "food stuff" fan. I love Gordon Ramsay and all of his shows and I also do lots of cooking with my wife. It’s just amazing in how many ways you can prepare the very same dish.

For a living I’m a professional reviewer. I review all kinds of tech stuff like computers, mobile phones, software etc. I've created lots of review websites just like this one. I try to be as objective as possible and I always honestly tell what I think of products on my websites. I hate reviewers that sell stuff and don’t bring anything (like a good unbiased review) to the table.